Bunga is a perfect combination between beach and spa towel, beach skirt and beach dress. You can use your imagination to choose how to wear.

Bunga gives you softness and comfort to wear, made of 70% high quality cotton (inside) and 30% fine microfiber (outside - print).

Bunga Parrot main colors are:

Bunga has one size – 140/65 cm. unfolded. It gives you the freedom to easily adjust the size (reduce / enlarge), using the four buttons on the top, to smoothly fit your body shape.

Bunga size is easy to adjust using the buttons on the top:

  • all four buttons – 72 cm

  • three buttons – 79 cm

  • two buttons used – 86 cm

  • one button – 93 cm

Each Bunga is:

  • Very comfortable to wear and at the same time you can use it as towel to lay on it on the beach.

  • Fast drying.

  • Thanks to the cotton inside it perfectly absorbs moisture after swimming, sauna and bathroom.

  • Keeps you cool.

  • Is extremely convenient to use when you're on the beach, beach bar with friends, sauna, spa or after a bath.

  • It has bright colors that retain their intensity even after many washes.

  • It is irreplaceable to use for swimsuit dress up when you search for a place to change.

  • It has unique design that will make you feel different and sexy.

  • It has a soft ribbing on the back to smoothly fit the body lines (hips or bust).

  • It has four easy to use convenient buttons and external label matching the color design.

  • It has a spare button.

  • It weighs only 380 grams.

  • It is made in Bulgaria and fully meets the EU criteria for the safety of used fabrics and dyes.

Tips on maintaining Bunga:

  • machine wash - up to 40C

  • without bleaching

  • using dryer is not recommended

  • ironing with warm iron if necessary

  • best to wash your Bunga with similar fabrics and colors before use.

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